Breadwinner Academy helps its students liberate themselves financially, follow a life mission and create a legacy you can be proud of.

Our programs help the breadwinner master the financial game without going crazy. In other words you could say we specialize in helping you systematize “bringing home the bacon” while having a lifestyle that is in harmony with your other core areas of life of mindset, health and relationships. We call this creating your “profitable harmonic breadwinner lifestyle”.

When you are an active student at Breadwinner Academy you’ll receive professional teaching and guidance from master breadwinner mentors who have walked the talk.

Breadwinner mentors are men and women who have a wealth of real-life experience & wisdom to mentor you step-by-step in your unique journey of achieving success, whatever “success” looks like to you.

Each Breadwinner mentor knows how to simplify complex concepts and help you implement what is being taught.

The 3 educational pillars of Breadwinner Academy are:

  • Liberation
  • Life Mission
  • Legacy

About the Founder

Breadwinner Academy is an online education company for the breadwinner of the family. It was founded by Trent Jessee in 2013

Join the Academy!

If you’re stuck financially and are tired of living an average breadwinner life, it’s your time to take massive action and commit 100% to becoming a champion breadwinner. That’s the 1st step; commit. The 2nd step is to apply to become our newest academy student. You can start transforming your breadwinner life today by applying to the academy below. If you’re accepted you’ll be given the chance to speak with an enrollment specialist who will walk you through the next steps for you. We look forward to have the chance to help you achieve your full breadwinner potential.