Breadwinner Academy is an online education mentoring network that focuses on a holistic approach to liberating the breadwinner of the family financially. We do this by connecting you with the best breadwinner mentors to teach and guide you toward becoming profitable entrepreneurs and investors.

We take a family 1st approach with breadwinning. This means we help you apply holistic strategies in building your business along with becoming a wise investor without compromising personal health and the happiness of your family. This journey is what we call creating the Liberated Breadwinner Lifestyle™.

Our workshops, courses, group coaching and mentoring network empowers your breadwinner life to achieve the 5 ultimate W’s of entrepreneurial freedom which are: relationships (who), income (what), time (when), location (where) and purpose (why).

About the Liberated Breadwinner Lifestyle™

Freedom of Relationships (who)

When you are a liberated breadwinner you’ll have the freedom to attract and choose the right people you love working with. You’ll no longer be stuck in some office cubile surrounded with people you hardly know, don’t like and don’t help you become your best.

At Breadwinner Academy we show you how to become so clear about your life and business vision that people will come out of the wood works to want to be on your team. Our academy is full of wise breadwinners who will help you become crystal clear on your vision and how to effectively empower those people with the clarity and resources they need to deliver results unassisted.

Freedom of Income (what)

Being a student here at Breadwinner Academy means you will learn how to no longer worry about money. Instead of being a slave to money you will make money your slave. A big part of being a liberated breadwinner means you will be able to choose and create your own income level at any time. You will no longer be held back by any money limitation mindsets. The days of waiting for a boss to give you that $1 raise every 6 months is over! Imagine having the confidence in yourself and network to earn $25,000 extra or $10 Million or more. Your mindset is the only thing holding you back right now. We’re in the business of helping you transform your money mindset. We’ll give you the expert mentoring, the blueprint, the accountability, the tools, resources, and support you need to develop the habits and mindset needed to implement your way to experiencing true financial freedom.

Freedom of Time (when)

We all know that time is the only thing we’ll never get back. Time is ultimately the #1 asset we teach you how to invest in. Instead of thinking about how to “spend” your time, we teach you how to “invest” your time wisely. We help you gain mastery over their time by showing you how to become a masterful delegator and planner of your time as you build your business and learn how to safely multiply your money through wise investing. You’ll learn how to invest in gaining more time in your life as you hire the right people and integrate the right systems to do critical work for you so you can focus on what you’re uniquely gifted at doing in your life. We believe that as you liberate your calendar you’ll bless the world far more by doing the things you’re meant to do on this planet instead of getting caught up learning how to code a website, data entry or other specializations better delegated to others who can do them better than you in less time.

Freedom of Location (where)

The freedom to choose where you want to work is a very liberating experience and is one that we help you achieve. When you become an active student we’ll show you a plan you can implement to help you get on the track of choosing wherever you wish to work. Whether that work location is remotely, at a home office, at a hotel, a commercial office, on the beach or traveling it’s all possible as we help you get clear about your Liberated Breadwinner Lifestyle™

Freedom of Purpose (why)

Living a breadwinner life on purpose is extremely exciting! Our academy classes will help you create a purpose and mission bigger than yourself. You’ll learn how to create a legacy God will smile upon. If you’re bored with general life, going through the motions and routine of each day without hardly any variation then it’s your time now to let us show you how to develop a life purpose and mission you will absolutely love waking up to each day.

About The Breadwinner Staff

Breadwinner mentors are men and women who have a wealth of real-life experience & wisdom to mentor you step-by-step in your unique journey of achieving success, whatever “success” looks like to you.

Each Breadwinner mentor knows how to simplify complex concepts and help you implement what is being taught.

The 3 educational pillars of Breadwinner Academy are:

  • Liberation
  • Life Mission
  • Legacy

About the Founder

Breadwinner Academy is an online education company for the breadwinner of the family. It was founded by Trent Jessee in 2013

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